Article original Gestion de la Douleur au Cours de l'Hystérosalpingographie Management of pain associated with hysterosalpingography

Mbo Amvene, Hountie, Mballa Jc, Ngaroua, Nko'o Amvene
Health Sci. Dis   unpublished
AIM. To report the management of pain related to the practice of hysterosalpingography in Cameroon. METHODS. This was a prospective transversal descriptive done from April to July 2014. 35 radiographers were recruited in five hospitals: Douala. A questionnaire was given to those personnels on their professional profile, how they conducted the procedures and how they managed the pain. RESULTS. Among the 35 radiographers, 65.70% were men and 34.30% were women. The modal age range was 20-30 years
more » ... ge was 20-30 years (34.30%). 42.90%) of them had been on duty from one to five years. Before the procedure, explanations were given to the patient by the radiographers. The information concerned the interest and purpose of examination (94.30%) and how to behave during hysterosalpingography (88.