Packet design for communication under asynchronous interference

C. Budiano, Lang Tong
IEEE Military Communications Conference, 2003. MILCOM 2003.  
The asynchronous interference arises in many wireless multiple access communication systems. This paper considers the problem of placing the training symbols within the data packets when these packets are subject to asynchronous interference. The performance measure considered is the achievable data transmission rate for a system that uses coherent reception using a training-based channel estimate. An upper and a lower bound for the achievable rate are obtained. By optimizing the placement the
more » ... the placement the achievable rate can be doubled. Also, if the the placement that provides optimum channel estimation performance is used, the data rate loss is negligible; thus the effect of the placement on the data rate is mainly through the efficiency of channel estimation.
doi:10.1109/milcom.2003.1290373 fatcat:4yhflmfyljemfoxv4htzmsuo3e