Impact du mode de prélèvement sur la faune de l'Unité Forestière d'Aménagement (UFA) MOKABI-DZANGA au nord du Congo Brazzaville

P Mbete, P Mopoundza, R Mbete, M Bienet, C Ngokaka
2014 Journal of Applied Biosciences  
Mbete et al. J. Appl. Biosci. 2014. Impact du mode de prélèvement sur la faune de l'UFA Mokabi-Dzanga du Congo Brazzaville duiker), the Cephalophus dorsalis (Bay Duiker), f Cephalophus sylvicultor (Yellow-Backed Duiker) and Cephalophus nigrifons (Black -fronted Duiker) In these circumstances, it was confirmed that the trap practice was most of used than gun. Conclusion and application of Results: The results of this study show that the opening of forest trails by the operator causes a
more » ... causes a disastrous impact on Wildlife biomass. Efforts should be undertaken by the forestry company owner UFA to improve and minimize the impact of forestry operations on wildlife.
doi:10.4314/jab.v75i1.6 fatcat:dbrsmmvwjrhitfjpwykcoimhcq