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1914 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
CL. L-GENERAL PLANT ; MACHINERY. 13 Journal and Patent Literature. I'ATEST SPEOIPICATIOSS mny be obtnlned by post by rcmittlng as follows :-EnaIiuh.4d. cncb. to tho Conlptroller of tho Pntcnt Omcc, \V. Tomple Frnnks. mq., Souttlnnlpton Duildinge, Ciinncery Lnne, London W C. United ~&te8.-1s. end, to'tlic Sccrctnry of tlio Society. %rsnd.-l fr. 05 c. oacl~ ns follow: PntentR tlpted 1002 to 1907 inclusive Dclin ct Cic., 5fl Rue clcs Frnncn Bourgcoir, Pnris (3c.j .' I'ntonta from ID08 to ante L'Im
more » ... m ID08 to ante L'Im rimorlo h'ntionnlc,'87. Riic Vieillc du :Tcnlplc, I'nris. (Jnmnn.-l mark oncli (wlili fnll pnrtlculnrs) to IiniRcriirli .I&mtnmt. Ikrlin, Gcrninny. I.-GENERAL PLANT'; MACHINERY. PATESTS. Eruporntioii o j nnfriraled .wliifionR ; -4pparnfits cind proceaa for flu: -and Jnr flil: irfili.mfiow ojrhe prodiiccd rupoiire. J. 11. Vincont, Hnnibiirg. Gcrinnny. Eng. I'irt. 24,590, Oct. 28, 1912. STEAM iinclcr prossiirc, iirodricctl in n suitnblc gcncrntor, nctuatos n stcnin jut injector, a.liieli cxlinlrsts tho rnpour frnni tho cbwporirtor nnd forcos it into tho gcnorntor, wlicrcin it irr hcntccl nntl tlien clclirerccl nt n rriiitnblo prcssiirc ant1 tonq~rntiiro to t hc licnting coil of tlio ovnporntor. Tho stcnm gcncrtrtor niny bo tliritlccl into two portions. in olio of which, pnrt of tho wpolir in supcrlicntccl to n higlior dcgrco irntl iisctl for clriviiig n stunrn cngiiic. tho oxliniint stenm from which niny I)e p n s d to t 110 Iicnting coil of tho crnporntor.-A. S. Etnpornficig nppnraliis. \V. A. Sell iiinnn. Xcw Roclicollc, N.Y. U.S. Piit. 1,079.009, Xov. 25, 1913. LIQUID is tlclivcrccl into R siiitiibly hcntccl tnnk, in which i b is ovnporntccl to n pusto which i3 reniorctl by n scrow coiiroyor nnd cliacliiirpcd on to nii cncllcss build conrcyor in R soconcl drying chnmhr. Tilo bnrul cnnccyor trnrcla firtit linrizontnllg nnd tlion rcrticnlly clo~vnwnrcla, niitl n pair of brushon dctnclics tlic clriccl ntntcrinl from tlic vcrticnl portion nncl dolircm it to tho discliargo opcning. -w. IT. c. Brnpornfiilg drvicc rolniiiig iir a lrnsrl pnrtl!l jit!ccf iriilr Itcnfed liqtiid. 15' . Grcding. Ccr. 1'111. 200,970, Juno 6. 1912. Tire rotnting tluricc CowiSts of n cyliriclcr composed nf ncwriil Inyen of wire nctting or gnirzc. which clip iri tho liquid nncl tliuv oxposes n Inrgo scirfiicu of tho Inttcr. Any fnnm prntliicctl in rotninctl by t Iio gniiec nnd carried hlow tliu niirfnrc of tho liquid.-A. S. &ace : .4ppcirnfrra jor fitc piirijicnlioir of jiirnacc -. 1hg. Ptrt. 1s irplinrntiis of tho kind in wliicli tho girsos pnss tlirougli 11 number of Iinrirontel c1ruin.q in which IL xcru1)bing liqiiitl is trgitrrtod by pndcllos or claslicrrr on n liorizontnl sliirft, tilo conricctioliw nro nrrnngod NO tlint tho gnscs cnter cacli clrum ncnr tlio Iwrililicry nntl lcnco nonr tho nxis.--t\. T. L. Dryiiig crppirutva ; Tiiiiiiel -. W. Yntow nnel Jlntthows nnd Yirton, Lttl.. Swinton. Eng. l'trt. 27,34!), Nor. 28, 1012. A MIXTURB of cool ntriiosphcric nir with highly )iciblccl fiirnnco gnscs is clrnwn into tliu ~liscliirrgo untl nf drying tiiiinol I)y i t n oxliniist fnti tiitiIntucl i d tlic olipositc cntl, tho itintoriel to 110 clriccl boing cnrriotl throiigli tho trintwl in triioh. A singlo fall mny control tho gns Ilowiiig tliroirgli two pnrirllol tiinncLq.-H. 11. i~cnlitig, cooling or dryitig grcrin or grcriiiclrrr ni16slciiicca ; Appirdiin for -. E. Sibiiiiioltion, Jlirribiiry, riiid J. Uncklionso, Bootlo. Eng. I'nt. 2H,GO0, Doc. 12, 1012. IN irppiirntiis in which tlic gririn is ~irnr;ccl clown i i towor nurow wliicli 1) Horicn of row8 of Lorizoiitnl p i p s nrc nrrirngotl through wliicli tlio hunting or cooling ugoiit in oiroulstod, in ortlur to iiiorunvo tlio onicioiicy oiroh nltoriinto row of pipon i H nrrengud trt rrn nliglo with tho noxt, and C. T. A. 13. Ecklinrdt, Ilniiiburg, Gcrmtrny. 20,055, Sov. 20, 1912. awry row is RO nrrnngcd thnt tho tilinccs bctwccn tho p i p s in onc row nrc wrticiilly bcloiv or nboro tlio piIm in tlio row n c i t but onc.--\V. H. C. Decriccnting liquids ; Appuratun /or -C. E. Chy, US. Pnt. IIEATED nir i s irLtrotliiccd tnngcntially into D cyliiitlricnl clirmlmr with n conicnl bottoni and is withclrnwn nxinlly, whcroby rortcx curroits nro act IJII. Tho liquid to bc. dcsiccntccl is disclinrgcd in nn ntomiscd condition into tile ccritro of tho rortcx ciirrcnts, slid tho ccpnrntcd tiolid pnrticlcs fnll to the bottoni of tho conc nncl nro withilrnwii.-\V. H. C. Nciiniiig ctndjorcing Iiqiiida : Auloiuafic apparafua j o r -. Eng. I'nt. !?i,GGl, Xo\-. 30, To sccurc grcntcr officiclicy in nppnriitun o! tho " Hero's " fountiiiir type in wliicli nir is coniprcwcd by liquid which flcnrs from iin upper to n lo\vcr vcsscl, tlio nir tlisplnccd from tho iippcr vcsscl wlien tho lnttcr is h i n g filled nit11 liquiil, iristctril of Iwiiig nllowctl to c x n IC. i\ conipwsned niitl forcctl iiito tlic lowcr rcs.Yc1. \\'lien t L u' l)er rcncl is fillctl tlic liqiiicl is nllowcei to flow into tile L v c r vc+F01, still further cornpressing tlio nir nncl firiirlly forcing it into tho ojcctor, \vIicro it ncts on thc liquid n~1 drive:, it up tho rising innin.--W. 11. C. 1'cfach in ichirh iii$aiiiiiin61c liquid in cittplgyPd ; ,lIc!hod nrid trppnrnfita j o i profrc/iiig cloecd -, Alnrtiiii untl Hijnckc Jlnschiiicitbnu.l\kt.-Ge~., nncl P. Giiiigc~ricli, Brrlin.Stc.glitz, Ckrtnnny. 1211: . Pnt. 15,2(i3, July 2, 1913. CLOSED rci+rcls for trcnting mnterinln wit11 illnnmnintlc liquicla in Iircscncc of nir mixed wit11 'nn inert gne arc provitlid with n rnfcty clcrico ndnptcd to prevctit tlic intlniiimnblc liquid from ciitcriiig t.lie vcsvcl until t lie pretisiirc of tlie giis mixtiirc tlicrrin rcwlics n vnluc correspondiiig to tlic r1uiiiitit.y of protcctiro ~D H sufficiclit tti piuvcnt tlic foi iiltltiori of nn esplorivc mixtnrc. \\'IICII tliu inert gas is only iivnilnblc a t iitmosphcric prcssurc, t,lic isqfcty tlcvicc i s controllcil nccording to t,ho t l e g~c of vncii~iin rcqiiircd in tho vcsscl in order to draw in tho ncccspnry nmoiiiit of inert gnY.-lI. H. Scale frmn boilon ; 1'roce.w of resroving -. 1'. R. En$ Pnt. 17,462, July 30, 1013. ' h e boilcr is fillcd with cold wntor, cnrbon dioxido is intrdiioccl, nntl tlin solution nllowccl to net, for cxnmplr, for 48 h i i s , until tlic scnlc is looscncd.--ll. H. Sitifcri?iq ; Jlclhod OJ trrn/inq 7)1nteriuL jor -. Eiirckn, and A. Jcnscn, Onklnnd, 6 1 . I ,078,848, .Xo;oc-. 18, 10 I 3. C. R. 13. Ijrowii, London. 191% Crccnlioruc, Glnsgow. Q. ncnt iind 13. I3iirnlitirt. Spciiiowa Point, Altl., nntl J. I3. Lield, Arctinore, Pii. i\IATlriir,\r;hnuiii~ ir tcntlcncy to colicrc in broltrn up into n fine dtnto of divinioii nncl tlicn clistributccl ovcr t,lw einturiiig licrrrtli ns ti loosu 1)oroiis iiinss of uniforni dPiisity. US. l'irt. 1,078,988, Nov. I R , 1913. -I\'. H. C. Filler riiedin ; Procoss OJ didodgiirg nliuw cnkea from -. 1J.S. I'st. 1,078,004, Nov. 18, T'IIN cnkcH nro renclorcd nH dry nfl p0RddC by continuing tho eiiution oftor tho cnku is formcd, thu vncuiiiii i a tho11 C. Uuttow, Oiiklnntl, Ci11. 1013. 01. JJA.-FUEL ; QAS ; MINERAL OILS AND WAXES. IJnn. 16, 1014. cut off, nnd thc cnkcs nro flooded with wntcr from nbovc nnd washed off t,hc frnmcs.-\V. H. C. Filler for sludgcs, espeeia?ly lignilc sludge. Ribbcrtschc Braunkolilm-, niikctt-11. Tonwrkc H i b h r t und Co. Ccr. Pnt. 20G,910, JInrcli 13, 1013. TitE dutlgo iH distributed uniformly over n fixed horizontn: filter-tnblc. to the iindnr:itlr of which suction is npplied, and tlic rcsidutrl cake is rcnioved by inenns of nn cndlcss bnnd fitted with scrnpcis.-A. S. Srflrufing mirtrcres of liqrtid.9; Proccss for-. A. Golorlctz, Berlin. Assignor to B. Ikncdir,' €Inniburg. U.S. l'nt. l,O'i9,004, Nov. 18, 1913. A XIXTWRE of two liquide is trcntcd with n suitable qunntity of n tlu'rd liquid which forms with OIW of tlic constituents a binnrv Iiornojicncous mixturc of minimum boiling point, lorvcr tlinn the boiling point of either of tlic constitucnta of thc original mixture, and is then snbjectcd t o frnctionnl distillotion.-\\', H. C. Separation and rewvcrg of aprri$cnllg liyhter liquids from a mixiure of liquids of diJerrnl densitiw : dpprnlits /or fhe-. B. Lorcnzcn. Gcr. Pat. 200,SiB, Jnn. 5, lola. \\'.ITER is introduced through n pipe into tlio vessel contnining thc mixed liquids in order to fncilitntc scpnrntinn, and the lighter liquid overflo\r.s into nn ndjnccnt vcsscl. In the wntcr supply p i p is an rjcctor connrctrd with a closed rrccptnclc, whicli in turn is connected with tho vcswl into which the lighter liquid ovc*rflows. The nction of thc cjvctor produces a vncuum in tlic closed reccptnclc nnd hencc the lightcr liquid is drnwn up into t.hc lntter n t a rntc corrcspondiiig with tho rate of supply of tlic wntcr.-A. S. nintilling liquid8 und fic.qiLls tolids ; rippurulica for -.
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