Rectification Mechanism in Diblock Oligomer Molecular Diodes

I. I. Oleynik, M. A. Kozhushner, V. S. Posvyanskii, L. Yu
2006 Physical Review Letters  
We investigated a mechanism of rectification in di-block oligomer diode molecules that have recently been synthesized and showed a pronounced asymmetry in the measured I-V spectrum. The observed rectification effect is due to the resonant nature of electron transfer in the system and localization properties of bound state wave functions of resonant states of the tunneling electron interacting with asymmetric molecule in an electric field. The asymmetry of the tunneling wave function is enhanced
more » ... or weakened depending on the polarity of applied bias. The conceptually new theoretical approach, the Green's function theory of sub-barrier scattering, is able to provide a physically transparent explanation of this rectification effect based on the concept of the bound state spectrum of a tunneling electron. The theory predicts the characteristic features of the I-V spectrum in qualitative agreement with experiment.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.96.096803 pmid:16606295 fatcat:qzi24zvrrnd4rmwtxermkjbtva