GFP-Aequorin Protein Sensor for Ex Vivo and In Vivo Imaging of Ca 2+ Dynamics in High-Ca 2+ Organelles

Paloma Navas-Navarro, Jonathan Rojo-Ruiz, Macarena Rodriguez-Prados, María Dolores Ganfornina, Loren L. Looger, María Teresa Alonso, Javier García-Sancho
2016 Cell Chemical Biology  
Graphical Abstract Highlights d A novel class of genetically encoded fluorescent Ca 2+ indicators is developed d The new sensors are suitable for imaging Ca 2+ in organelles with high Ca 2+ levels d They can be used to visualize Ca 2+ signals in the ER d ER-targeted Ca 2+ sensors are successfully used to monitor ER Ca 2+ signals in vivo
doi:10.1016/j.chembiol.2016.05.010 pmid:27291400 fatcat:h2ozqwlle5frrfl33nh52zs55q