Multiple mouse dxball game

Arif Koyun, Nurdan Kunduracı
2015 Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering Science and Technology (JMEST)   unpublished
Nowadays software technologies are improving very quickly and create a new structure each passing year. One of these improving structures is multitouch applications. Multitouch platforms offer new, practical and exciting ways of interacting with computers, which make facilitates human life. In this field, many applications are being developed like natural application, graphical illustrations or games. In the past time, single-input devices have used for same applications. Traditional input
more » ... ditional input devices, such as the mouse, keyboard or other known input devices only allow to input from one user at a time. But, multitouch gestures allow for multiple inputs and often provide physical and intuitive interactions for users. Also, multitouch surfaces allow more than one person to cooperate on the same screen. This convenience enables people to work together and communicate. Furthermore multitouch applications have the potential for offering new games or other forms. Multitouch two-handed gestures useful for rotate, move, release for amusement applications. Multiple mouse dxball game is written with C# programming languages and WPF technologies.