Un poeta senza età. Note di cronografia stesicorea (e alcmanico-saffico-simonidea)

Massimiliano Ornaghi
This research aims to study the chronographic data of Stesichorus, which probably does not result from a single tradition, but reflect the connection of Stesichorus to other chronographic systems: in particular those of Alcman and Simonides, to whom Stesichorus would have been associated on grounds of literary and historical classification. Not "productive" – always from the chronographic point of view – appears to have been the connection of Stesichorus to Phalaris and the battle of the Sagra river.
more » ... attle of the Sagra river.
doi:10.15160/1826-803x/1071 fatcat:2ug3bl3nfffzzaqb3tdh7kh3li