The Westerbork Northern Sky Survey (WENSS)

R. B. Rengelink, Y. Tang, A. G. de Bruyn, G. K. Miley, M. N. Bremer, H. J.A. Röttgering, M. A.R. Bremer
1997 Astronomy and Astrophysics Supplement Series  
The Westerbork Northern Sky Survey (WENSS) is a low-frequency radio survey that will cover the whole sky north of δ = 30 • at a wavelength of 92 cm to a limiting flux density of approximately 18 mJy (5σ rms ). This survey has a resolution of 54 ×54 cosec δ and a positional accuracy for strong sources of 1.5 . Here we present a source list comprising 11 299 sources and maps of 120 extended sources for a 570 square degree region around the north ecliptic pole, the so-called mini-survey. We
more » ... i-survey. We discuss the errors and reliability of the source parameters and the completeness of the survey.
doi:10.1051/aas:1997358 fatcat:scnh2czq3zesfc4jxpwyei2gpy