Ghost systems: a vertex algebra point of view

W. Eholzer, L. Fehér, A. Honecker
1998 Nuclear Physics B  
Fermionic and bosonic ghost systems are defined each in terms of a single vertex algebra which admits a one-parameter family of conformal structures. The observation that these structures are related to each other provides a simple way to obtain character formulae for a general twisted module of a ghost system. The U(1) symmetry and its subgroups that underly the twisted modules also define an infinite set of invariant vertex subalgebras. Their structure is studied in detail from a W-algebra
more » ... from a W-algebra point of view with particular emphasis on Z_N-invariant subalgebras of the fermionic ghost system.
doi:10.1016/s0550-3213(98)00061-3 fatcat:z7exgqao2fg53eo3x75udvcsme