Research progress of applications of acoustic-vortex information

Guo Zhong-Yi, 合肥工业大学计算机与信息学院, 合肥 230009,School of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Hefei University of Technology, Hefei 230009, China, Liu Hong-Jun, Li Jing-Jing, Zhou Hong-Ping, Guo Kai, Gao Jun
2020 Wuli xuebao  
The orbital angular momentum (OAM) carried by acoustic vortex beam can be transmitted to objects, which has a good application prospect in particle manipulation. In addition, the acoustic vortex beam also has great potentials in acoustic communication. The acoustic vortex beams with different OAM modes are orthogonal to each other, so the OAM mode can be introduced into the traditional acoustic communication, which provides a potential solution for realizing the high-speed, large-capacity and
more » ... gh-spectral efficiency of underwater acoustic communication technology in future. In this paper, we summarize the research progress of acoustic vortex beam, in which we mainly introduce the generation and detection scheme of acoustic vortex beam, its transmission characteristics, and its typical research cases in communication. Finally, the future development trend and the outlook of acoustic vortex beam are also analyzed and prospected.
doi:10.7498/aps.69.20200826 fatcat:ktrxks2xsrfexbe5aedkcdkgxq