Brownian Coagulation of Aerosols in the Transition Regime

M. Kerker, A. Chatterjee, D. D. Cooke
1976 Pure and Applied Chemistry  
Earlier experimental studies of Brownian coagulation of aerosols have been extended into the transition regime, i.e. Knudsen number values 0.8-1.6. This was done by working with the same range of particle size as earlier, but at a reduced pressure. A number of modffications were made in the experimental technique, including the use of diethylhexylsebacate instead of dibutylphthalate in order to avoid the possibility of loss to the walls by evaporation. The rate of coagulation at Kn = 0.2 agreed
more » ... closely with that predicted, using Smoluchowski's coagulation constant
doi:10.1351/pac197648040457 fatcat:e3nxysymzfg63nzoyunb4233pa