2021 Zenodo  
The majority of men feel shy to come forward to report discrimination, abuse, harassment, misuse of law and so most men suffer in silence and die young. There are no support groups to help men. None of the study reports of discrimination on men or details highlighting atrocities on men are acknowledged by any institute, government body and the mainstream media is reluctant to publish abuse on men or health issues concerning men in particular. Abused and discriminated men often are victimized or
more » ... n are victimized or side lined at early stage of their life or during childhood. However many men also think that, for reasons of masculinity, they have no other option than silently suffer because most of the abuse and discrimination comes from their own kind. Abused men are also more restrained than women in revealing their victimization partly for fear of being ridiculed and shamed. Many of the men had never even told close family members about the abuse. Men think expressing or fighting back discrimination makes them more vulnerable. Shame and fear of being ridiculed force men to keep their problems hidden, adding to this the societal views of proper masculine behaviour. Lack of support and resources has also ensured that the most shocking form of discrimination on men have remained hidden till date. The long lasting negative effects are seen to persist in those who are the bread winner for their family. The psychological harm visited upon men victimized by the society tends to contradict those who subscribe to the view that abused men do not suffer psychologically. Indeed, when the issue of psychological harm was examined, empirically, findings revealed no significant gender differences in psychosomatic illness or stress. Discrimination in everyday life forces men to live depressed and die early. As far as men are concerned, no studies have addressed the repercussions of experiences of discrimination on men's health. All over the world, this issue is not a specific priority for research and overshadows the fact that men may also be badly [...]
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