Monitoring and bioremediation of organochlorine pesticides in surface water with Enterobacter asburiae

Seham S. El-Gendy, El-Sayed B. Belal, Nagwa M. Sidkey, Mohamed A. S. Abdelrazek, Metwaly M. S. Metwaly, Waseem A. Gad
2020 Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research  
Aim of study: One of the safest techniques regarding the remediation of contaminated water is biological remediation. This study aimed to: (i) monitoring of a collection of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) in three agricultural drainages (Nashart, no. 9, and El-shoka), located in Kafr El-Sheikh governorate, Egypt; and ii) investigate the biodegradation potential of different bacterial isolates regarding organochlorine pesticides.Material and methods: Analysis of OCPs was carried out by gas
more » ... atography, Enrichment cultures were used for isolation of the bacterial strains capable of OCPs biodegradation and the most efficient isolate was identified based on morphological, biochemical ad molecular characteristics.Main results: The determination of OCPs in water samples by gas chromatography showed varying values of OCPs ranging from 0.0 mg/L (below detection limit) to 0.0385 mg/L. A total of four morphologically different bacterial isolates were obtained, which showed a remarkable capability of OCPs biodegradation detected in mineral salt medium containing 17 OCPs active ingredients by two approaches including the analysis of the OCP residues at the end of the incubation period and measuring the bacterial growth in terms of total viable count and optical density. The bacterial isolate N2 showed the highest degradation capability when the screening process was carried out to select the most efficient isolates, which was identified according to the morphological, biochemical and molecular characterization as Enterobacter asburiae.Research highlights: The biodegradation of OCPs using E. asburiae was proved to be a promising approach for the detoxification and removal of OCPs residues in aqueous systems.
doi:10.5424/sjar/2020184-16794 fatcat:hv2cmr4krncjdlkgm5stpuuz7m