Distributional Clustering: A distribution-preserving clustering method [article]

Arvind Krishna, Simon Mak, Roshan Joseph
2019 arXiv   pre-print
One key use of k-means clustering is to identify cluster prototypes which can serve as representative points for a dataset. However, a drawback of using k-means cluster centers as representative points is that such points distort the distribution of the underlying data. This can be highly disadvantageous in problems where the representative points are subsequently used to gain insights on the data distribution, as these points do not mimic the distribution of the data. To this end, we propose a
more » ... new clustering method called "distributional clustering", which ensures cluster centers capture the distribution of the underlying data. We first prove the asymptotic convergence of the proposed cluster centers to the data generating distribution, then present an efficient algorithm for computing these cluster centers in practice. Finally, we demonstrate the effectiveness of distributional clustering on synthetic and real datasets.
arXiv:1911.05940v1 fatcat:nfznipkbyrbujh6rknipkchmee