Minimum disturbance rewards with maximum possible classical correlations

Varad R. Pande, Anil Shaji
2017 Physics Letters A  
Weak measurements done on a subsystem of a bipartite system having both classical and nonClassical correlations between its components can potentially reveal information about the other subsystem with minimal disturbance to the overall state. We use weak quantum discord and the fidelity between the initial bipartite state and the state after measurement to construct a cost function that accounts for both the amount of information revealed about the other system as well as the disturbance to the
more » ... overall state. We investigate the behaviour of the cost function for families of two qubit states and show that there is an optimal choice that can be made for the strength of the weak measurement.
doi:10.1016/j.physleta.2017.04.036 fatcat:uexs23dc25gxhbjjnnuzmzpd44