Preface [chapter]

1973 Things Japanese in Hawai'i  
Preface NUMBER of colleagues and friends have .'JQLL asked me how it is that I have come to i-write this book. The question arises because my own field of specialization is Chinese, not Japanese, and because one would expect a book of this sort to be written by a specialist in Japanese, most likely one of Japanese ancestry. My first reason for writing the book is a very simple one -because no one else has. The second reason is a highly personal one. In the course of my contacts with persons of
more » ... ts with persons of Japanese ancestry -with them as individuals and with their problems -I have had very much the feeling of déjà vu, of having seen all this before, though in fact I am a relatively recent arrival in Hawaii. The feeling stems from the fact that my own background has many points of similarity with those of Japanese
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