2D Quantum Mechanical (QM) Charge Model and Its Application to Ballistic Transport of Sub-50nm Bulk Silicon MOSFETs [chapter]

Dawei Zhang, Guangping Zhu, Hao Zhang, Lilin Tian, Zhiping Yu
2004 Simulation of Semiconductor Processes and Devices 2004  
We consider the quantum mechanical (QM) effects along the channel in decanano-scaled MOSFETs and propose a novel approach to modeling the effect of tunneling current on the charge distribution in the carrier confinement dimension. Together with a QM correction in the poly gate region, the new analytical expression accurately predicts the surface charge density at the peak of the source-end potential barrier, which is a key parameter in the ballistic MOS compact model. The MOS model (called BMM
more » ... model (called BMM and B for ballistic) thus developed has been proved to accurate through comparison to the experimental data of a 45nm MOSFET from TSMC [1]. Furthermore, the scalability of this model proves its robustness for ultra-small MOSFETs.
doi:10.1007/978-3-7091-0624-2_63 fatcat:4gvuoveypbafthrtg5gn3p4dyi