Highly nonlinear pulse splitting and recombination in a two-dimensional granular network

C. Daraio, D. Ngo, V. F. Nesterenko, F. Fraternali
2010 Physical Review E  
The propagation of highly nonlinear signals in a branched two-dimensional granular system was investigated experimentally and numerically for a system composed of chains of spherical beads of different materials. The system studied consists of a double Y-shaped guide in which high-and low-modulus/mass chains of spheres are arranged in various geometries. We observed the transformation of a single or a train of solitary pulses crossing the interface between branches. We report fast splitting of
more » ... fast splitting of the initial pulse, rapid chaotization of the signal and impulse redirection and bending. Pulse and energy trapping was also observed in the branches. Numerical analysis based on Hertzian interaction between the particles and the side walls of the guide was found in agreement with the experimental data, except for nonsymmetric arrangements of particles excited by a large mass striker.
doi:10.1103/physreve.82.036603 pmid:21230199 fatcat:pbzjmxjzwbfuph2v6kyhcash3a