Capturing Atmospheric Ions Using Static Electricity from Flowing Water

Louis Liu
2017 IJISET-International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering & Technology   unpublished
Air pollutants carrying positive charges are believed to be harmful to health. This paper proposes the use of flowing water for neutralizing the positively charged pollutants into a DC electricity. In this work, atmospheric ions are captured on ground levels using an antenna designed to operate at ultraviolet frequency bands. The antenna is negatively charged by a static electricity extracted from flowing water. The output is a DC voltage dependent on the density of the atmospheric positive
more » ... pheric positive ions. The proposed system generates 480mV in the absence of an UV light if the antenna is connected to the negative ion source. When exposed to an UV light, it generates 680mV. Without the negative ion source, however, the output voltage fell to around 10 mV and no significant voltage rise can be observed even in the presence of an UV light. Conclusions: Flowing water can be used to capture atmospheric ions.