De quoi la transparence est-elle le nom ? Le cas de The Suspicions of Mr Wicher

Simone Rinzler
2013 Etudes de stylistique anglaise  
The study of the "style of the Common" in Kate Summerscale's non-fiction The Suspicio ns o f Mr Whicher o r the Murder at Ro ad Hill House will give an illustration of what macro stylistics is. Derived from the French school of enunciative linguistics and from a philosophy of language envisioning the two-way interaction between Language and the World (Language ↔ World) macrostylistics consists in the stro ng reading of a whole text, by studying its language within its broad context. Such an
more » ... oach thus leads to a better understanding and interpretation of the two societies considered here, the 19 th and the 21 st century societies. This 21 st century non-fiction investigates the widely talked about "murder at Road Hill House" of young Saville Kent, aged 3, in 1860. Thematically, this true story is told in the manner of a fiction and bears practically all the features of a detective novel. Linguistically, the style is apparently flat and could be considered as neutral or common. A linguistic investigation of the grammatical features, mainly syntactical, will show that the style, as well as the genre, of this much acclaimed investigation is hybrid. The book is composed of the grafting of innumerable quotations. The contextualised linguistic investigation of this actually puzzling grafted style will lead to the stylistic mapping of 21 st century's "Style of the Common". Simo ne Rinzler 128 Perhaps this is the purpo se o f detective investigatio ns, real and fictio nal -to transfo rm sensatio n, ho rro r, and grief into a puzzle, and then to so lve the puzzle, to make it go away. 'The detective sto ry,' o bserved Raymo nd Chandler in 1949 'is a tragedy with a happy ending.' A sto rybo o k detective starts by co nfro nting us
doi:10.4000/esa.1064 fatcat:xtszmbtg7fhjrnoulxqqfqaume