A CAD/CAM system based on P-map modeling method. Concept and properties of P-map
P‐map形状モデリング方式によるCAD/CAMシステムに関する研究 P‐mapの概念及び特性

Hengzheng LU, Takashi MIYOSHI, Katsumasa SAITO
1990 Journal of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering  
The P-map method -a new 3-D shape modeling method is proposed in this paper. The P-map method has many good properties for a 3-D CAD/CAM system ; it needs small memory, short processing time and has high precision of shape representing which are harmonized with each other. Based on the P-map method, we have developed a CAD/CAM system called PHP-CAD/ CAM (PHP = Personal High Performance) using a 16-bit micro-computer. This paper describes the concept and the properties of the P-map method. In
more » ... er to generate tool paths with high speed and high precision, a tool's touch-point theorem is also proposed. Based on the P-map method and the theorem, a new tool path generating algorithm has been developed.
doi:10.2493/jjspe.56.1411 fatcat:fziaybttxfaftavn36helqwdq4