Nitrogen Metabolism in the Haemolymph of Silkworm Bombyx Mori L During the Progress of Fungal Pathogen Beauveria Bassiana (Bals) Vuill

Keerthi Rajitha, Ganta Savithri
2012 International Journal of Scientific Research  
Increased trend of amylase activity was recorded in the haemolymph of healthy larvae up to the 5 th day (0.475 mg/ml to 0.667 mg/ml) of the instar and then the enzyme activity was declined on the 6 th day (0.626 mg/ml). In experimental larvae the enzyme activity was elevated up to 3 rd day (0.462 mg/ml to 0.523 mg/ml) and then the activity of the enzyme was declined significantly (0.490 mg/ml to 0.467 mg/ml) during the rest of the instar. Whereas the activity of trehalase was increased in
more » ... ymph of 5 th instar silkworm from the 1 st day to 6 th day (1.49 mg/ml to 2.97 mg/ml). In comparison to control the trehalase activity shows a negligible increase up to 3 rd day (1.5 mg/ml to 1.76 mg/ml) of the inoculated 5 th instar larvae then the enzyme activity was declined significantly during the rest of the instar (1.64 mg/ml to 1.44 mg/ml).
doi:10.15373/22778179/may2013/206 fatcat:dk746xzqxbgxzinkmx6hxs5qya