Brave new globalisation

Taina Ahtela
2001 Politikon (Bucure?ti)  
The global economy. Global information exchange. Global politics. Global markets. Global values. Global responsibility. Globalization, "globality", globalism, the "G-word", "mondialisation du monde" or "worldization of the world". Globalization defines both the development optimists' greatest dreams as well as its critics' worst nightmares. Its progression cannot be stopped, and mostly the real issue in discussions about globalization concerns the rules that regulate it or rather the lack of
more » ... ther the lack of them. Whether one loves globalization or hates it, few doubt its existence. But the only thing about globalization that is certain seems to be that there is no agreement either on the concept nor its substance. With its self-legitimating symptoms it makes talk of the end of history or ideology seem slightly amusing.
doi:10.22151/politikon.1.4 fatcat:3jlshifkmfgqdpligursfhq6vq