General longitudinal modeling of individual differences in experimental designs: A latent variable framework for analysis and power estimation

Bengt O. Muthén, Patrick J. Curran
1997 Psychological methods  
The generality of latent variable modeling of individual differences in development over time is demonstrated with a particular emphasis on randomized intervention studies. First, a brief overview is given of biostatistical and psychometric approaches to repeated measures analysis. Second, the generality of the psychometric approach is indicated by some nonstandard models. Third, a multiple-population analysis approach is proposed for the estimation of treatment effects. The approach clearly
more » ... cribes the treatment effect as development that differs from normative, control-group development. This framework allows for interactions between treatment and initial status in their effects on development. Finally, an approach for the estimation of power to detect treatment effects in this framework is demonstrated. Illustrations of power calculations are carried out with artificial data, varying the sample sizes, number of timepoints, and treatment effect sizes. Real data are used to illustrate analysis strategies and power calculations. Further modeling extensions are discussed.
doi:10.1037/1082-989x.2.4.371 fatcat:2j32egh2t5az5n6fpqlrhqoueu