Study on the Application and Practice of Blended Teaching Mode in Introduction to Maoism and Chinese-featured Socialism Ideology Applied Technology of Database based on Activity-oriented Approach

Ai Jian
2018 Proceedings of the 2018 3rd International Conference on Education, Sports, Arts and Management Engineering (ICESAME 2018)   unpublished
Connotation and characteristics of blended teaching mode based on activity-oriented approach have been analyzed in this paper. With the example of "Introduction to Maoism and Chinese-featured Socialism Ideology Applied Technology of Database", this paper also discusses how to realize the cooperation between teachers and students and improve the sense of obtaining from students for the course by virtue of blended teaching mode of online and offline. Connotations and characteristics of blended
more » ... ching mode based on activity-oriented approach With the advent and wide application of age of big data, the application and practice of information technology in college teaching has dramatically promoted the educational reform in China. National Educational Technology Guides for Teachers in Higher Education of 2010 emphasize to strengthen the teachers' recognition and effective application of teaching reform with the support of information technology tools. In 2016, President Xi Jinping pointed out that "Internet information technology has been incorporated in economic and social life and it is the information artery for the national development", which requires college teachers to adapt to the development of times, actively practice the strategic idea of "Internet power strategy" put forward by Xi Jinping, make full use of such modern information technology as Internet, Cloud Computing and Big Data to update teaching concepts combining curricular and extracurricular teaching activities, change traditional cramming classroom teaching mode, create blended teaching mode based on activity-oriented approach with the cooperation of teachers and students as the center at the same time, and realize the "all-out, thorough, and all-round education and cultivation of students". At present, blended teaching mode based on activity-oriented approach has been the main trend of information-based teaching, which requires teachers to design curricular and extracurricular identification programs combing characteristics of psychological cognition of students based on the constructivism theory according to special topic teaching contents established. Under the guidance of teachers, students can set up studying group, work cooperatively to accomplish the online and offline identification programs, so as to mobilize the initiative, enthusiasm, creation and participation of students as the subject and to realize the understanding of teaching contents and the innovation in internalization and application of knowledge. 93
doi:10.2991/icesame-18.2018.19 fatcat:oygfvbmgqrfehnpj6hbxbm5maq