tcTKB: an integrated cardiovascular toxicity knowledge base for targeted cancer drugs

Rong Xu, QuanQiu Wang
2015 AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings  
Targeted cancer drugs are often associated with unexpectedly high cardiovascular (CV) adverse events. Systematic approaches to studying CV events associated with targeted anticancer drugs have high potential for elucidating the complex pathways underlying targeted anti-cancer drugs. In this study, we built tcTKB, a comprehensive CV toxicity knowledge base for targeted cancer drugs, by extracting drug-CV pairs from five large-scale and complementary data sources. The data sources include FDA
more » ... labels (44,979 labels), the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) (4,285,097 records), the Canada Vigilance Adverse Reaction Online Database (CVAROD) (1,107,752 records), published biomedical literature (21,354,075 records), and published full-text articles from the Journal of Oncology (JCO) (13,855 articles). tcTKB contains 14,351 drug-CV pairs for 45 targeted anticancer drugs and 1,842 CV events. We demonstrate that CV events positively correlate with drug target genes and drug metabolism genes, demonstrating that tcTKB in combination with other data resources, could facilitate our understanding of targeted anticancer drugs and their associated CV toxicities.
pmid:26958275 pmcid:PMC4765587 fatcat:geujs4hwl5bzvbzds3ai6a6ob4