Community Meeting for the Proposals to Phase-Out Crane High School and Co-locate Crane High School and Chicago Talent Development High School in the Same Facility Chicago Board of Education Member in Attendance The speakers above each requested to give a PowerPoint presentation regarding Crane High School

Donald Fraynd, Theresa Plascencia, Adam Anderson, Antonio Ruiz, Dave Schwab, Ron Kubalanza, Didi Swartz, Jesse Ruiz, Bernice Sconers, Cory Thompson, Jessica Lafrenz, Marlene Edwards
2012 Lisa Russell on   unpublished
Brief Summary The purpose of the meeting was to receive public comments on the proposal to phase-out Crane High School and the proposal to co-locate Crane High School and Chicago Talent Development High School in the same facility in accordance with Public Act 097-0474. CPS officials made a presentation regarding the proposal. There were about 48 speakers. The speaker comments focused on a variety of topics including: support for the CPS proposal, opposition to the proposal from faculty and
more » ... unity members and a desire to see CPS invest more resources in Crane. Those who were objecting to the CPS proposal shared a prepared presentation. CPS Presentation Don Fraynd, Chief School Improvement Officer for CPS, welcomed those in attendance, introduced the meeting and explained the ground-rules. Theresa Plascencia then gave an overview of the proposals to phase-out Crane and to co-locate Crane and Talent Development in the same facility. Around 6:15 p.m., the meeting was opened for public comment. Public Comment Aston Coleman (Crane Dean of Students The speakers above each yielded their two-minute comment period in order for the Crane High School PowerPoint presentation to be given.