MOESM9 of Origin and recent expansion of an endogenous gammaretroviral lineage in domestic and wild canids

Julia Halo, Amanda Pendleton, Abigail Jarosz, Robert Gifford, Malika Day, Jeffrey Kidd
2019 Figshare  
Additional file 9: Figure S3. Annotated CfERV-Fc1(a) consensus provirus. A consensus provirus was deduced from 19 proviruses using BioEdit ( based on the most commonly represented nucleotide at each site. The consensus nucleotide sequence is shown in black text. The 5â ˛ and 3â ˛ LTRs are labeled with black bars. The translated sequences for the viral genes are indicated below and with bars at the right, with the Gag sequence in blue, Pol in orange,
more » ... lue, Pol in orange, and Env in green. Motifs pertaining to viral functions are labeled appropriately on their translated sequence and general annotated in the right sidebar. Translated start and stop sites are indicated for each of the three genes. Segments for a predicted fusion peptide, membrane-anchoring TM region, and immunosuppressive domain (ISD) were determined using the program Phobius ( Putative major splice donor and acceptor sites were determined using the program NetGene2 (
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.7819223.v1 fatcat:uiezkzax3fgt7kku5vubxe3qba