How the brain discovers structure in sound sequences

Maria Chait
2020 Acoustical Science and Technology  
Sensitivity to patterns is fundamental to sensory processing, in particular in the auditory system, and a major component of the influential 'predictive coding' theory of brain function. Supported by growing experimental evidence, the 'predictive coding' framework suggests that perception is driven by a mechanism of inference, based on an internal model of the signal source. However, a key element of this theory -the process through which the brain acquires this model, and its neural
more » ... s neural underpinnings -remains poorly understood. Here I review recent brain imaging and behavioural work which focuses on this missing link. Together these emerging results paint a picture of the brain as a regularity seeker, rapidly extracting and maintaining representations of acoustic structure on multiple time scales and even when these are not relevant to behaviour.
doi:10.1250/ast.41.48 fatcat:vvykoweavbarbdmb6hjg72tjjq