Control of Harmonic Generation by the Time Delay Between Two-Color, Bicircular Few-Cycle Mid-IR Laser Pulses

M. V. Frolov, N. L. Manakov, A. A. Minina, N. V. Vvedenskii, A. A. Silaev, M. Yu. Ivanov, Anthony F. Starace
2018 Physical Review Letters  
Frolov, M. V.; Manakov, N. L.; Minina, A. A.; Vvedenskii, N. V.; Silaev, A. A.; Ivanov, M. Yu.; and Starace, Anthony F., We study control of high-order harmonic generation (HHG) driven by time-delayed, few-cycle ω and 2ω counterrotating mid-IR pulses. Our numerical and analytical study shows that the time delay between the two-color pulses allows control of the harmonic positions, both those allowed by angular momentum conservation and those seemingly forbidden by it. Moreover, the helicity of
more » ... ny particular harmonic is tunable from left to right circular without changing the driving pulse helicity. The highest HHG yield occurs for a time delay comparable to the fundamental period T ¼ 2π=ω.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.120.263203 pmid:30004720 fatcat:acjknyoz7rg5vorcpknpjcfbkq