Date seed oil as a potential natural additive to improve oxidative stability of edible vegetable oils

Eman Taha, Naglaa Abd-Elkarim, Zienab Ahmed
2019 Egyptian Journal of Food Science  
S CIENTISTS warn against the dangers of frying food in oil as it releases toxic chemicals linked to cancer and heart disease. The negative effects of synthetic antioxidants lead to searching for a substitute with natural resources. In the present study, fruits of three date palm cultivars; 'Hayani', 'Sewi' and 'Sakouti', were collected at mature stage and date seeds were used for oil extraction. Chemical properties of the oil as well as rancimate measurements were measured to determine the
more » ... tive stability of the oil. Different levels (5, 10. 15 %) of date seed oil were added to crude soybean oil and the oxidative stability for the mixer were then compared to the commercial soybean oil with BHT additive. Pit powder oil content ranged from 8.2-10.6.'Sewi' had the highest total phenols content of phenolic compounds that 183.92 mg among cultivars, while carotenoids content varied (33.5-88.5 mg/kg). The fatty acid compositions of all the cultivars were very similar. Rancimat measurements for all cultivars' oil were higher than that of crude soybean oil. Date seed oil addition at different levels to soybean crude oil increased the rancimat induction time. Treatment of 'Sewi' oil at 15 % was the best treatment among cultivars and was higher than that of the synthetic BHT effect. The results suggested that the seeds from the examined date cultivars as byproducts are good source of oil with high quality that may efficiently used as a natural additive to promote the oxidative stability of other vegetable oil.
doi:10.21608/ejfs.2019.13050.1007 fatcat:o6qkqsnsifccjnj46oeqt637w4