Erudición y temporalidad abolida. (Presencias de Petrarca en Secretum de A. Prieto)

Javier del Prado Biezma
2005 Cuadernos de Filología Italiana  
In Antonio Prieto's novel, Secretum, due to its condition of a canzoniere in prose, the presence of the great Italian poet constitutes the key for both the text formal organization and the text thematic organization; there is a global pertrarchisation, in the facts superficial level as well as in the actanctial deep structure; the intertextual level is strictly petrarchist; in the metadiscoursive level a discourse about writing and life, which could have been perfectly Petrarch's, is built and
more » ... ch's, is built and commented. In this article the author studies the function of quotes, which are not only mere support, but which achieve authentic ontological nature; the function of the title of the novel and its narrative voices are also studied.
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