Estimation of refrigerant mass fraction in an ammonia absorption refrigerator
815 アンモニア吸収式冷凍機の冷媒濃度推定法および冷媒採取実験について

Naoki ONDA, Keisuke TAKESHITA, Yoshiharu AMANO, Takumi HASHIZUME, Toshitaka TAKEI
2003 The Proceedings of Conference of Kanto Branch  
Per飴 m ユance of rectif ) !ing column affects the coefficient of perfbmlance( COP ) in an ammonia absorption re 貸igerator ( AAR ) , Re 倉ige 献 嘸 ss 貸action is one o 価 e key p 缸 ameters to discuss山 e pe 面 mance of 血 e rectifying column . Focusing on tho rcfhgerant mass 廿action , this paper presents a mcthod to estimate the refrigerant mass fraction with 广 mass and energy balance and the rcsult of thc cxperiment which meas ロres ref『igerant mass fraction by sampling 画 om the refr正 gerant receive 臥
more » ... rough out these investigations , the refrigerant mass 食a ( 酒 on became bwcr than the expected value which is calculated from the condition of saturatod vapor at the top of the rec 晦 ng column . We Co面 rm that the refrigerant mass ftaction could be cstirnated With suffici ' ent accuracy from mass and energy b瓠 an equations around the separator aUhe inlct ofthe evaporato 篤 Key Words'加 〃ionia absorp ' ご ・η 崢 ∫ 9 θr α' 0 噂 Rθ0 功 如 900 ' 瑚 , Estimation Ofilefriglerdfi 翩 aSS 加 ご' ion 1 .緒言
doi:10.1299/jsmekanto.2003.9.69 fatcat:6ii3dmhts5bdbbgv3uupodaxxu