Journal of Contemporary Management The Bureaucratic Transition of the Former East Germany From Socialism to Market Economy

Jean-Claude Garcia-Zamor, Jean-Claude Garcia-Zamor
This article examines how successful the bureaucratic transition of the former East Germany (GDR) was after the reunification of the two Germanys in 1990. It reviews how different that transition was compared to what happened in the other former socialist countries of Eastern and Central Europe. These other ex-Soviet countries traveled a slightly different path toward bureaucratic sovereignty. But in each of these cases, the main post-1989 distinctions on the way to a fully operating
more » ... perating bureaucracy had its origin in the different type of communism that existed in each one of these countries prior to 1989. The post-reunification successes of the city of Leipzig are used as a case study to show how successful the transition was in the case of the GDR. JEL Classifications: F60, I00, J10, R58