Protection against Methotrexate Induced Hepato-Renal Toxicity in Rats by Zinc and its Combination with Vitamin C and Vitamin E

Pradhan R, Koirala S, Adhikari N, Sannithi N, Thakur A, Adhikari B, Reddy YP, Koirala U
2016 Medical Safety & Global Health  
Liver and kidney are exposed to a lot of oxidant substances that are both from exogenous and endogenous sources. The aim of this study was to compare between the antioxidant effects of silymarin and vitamin E against carbon tetrachloride (CCl ) induced oxidative stress in rats. Male albino rats were divided into 4 four groups. The first group received corn oil s.c. twice weekly and distilled water daily by gavage and served as a control. The second group was treated s.c. with CCl (320mg/100g
more » ... t.) diluted in corn oil twice per week. 4 The third group was treated with CCl together with daily oral administration of silymarin (10mg/100g b.wt.). 4 The fourth group was treated with CCl simultaneously with s.c. administration of vitamin E.(20mg/100g b.wt.) 4 diluted in corn oil twice weekly. The treatment regimen in all groups last for six weeks. The obtained results showed a highly significant increase in ALT, AST, ALP activities, urea and creatinine levels in serum and malondialdehyde level (MDA) in liver and kidney homogenates in CCl treated group (2 group) as compared 4 nd with control. Significant reductions in all parameters were recorded in silymarin and vitamin E treated groups in comparison with CCl treated one. The reduction was more pronounced in silymarin treated group followed 4 by vitamin E treated one. Subcutaneous administration of CCl also induced a significant reduction in Hb g%, 4 PCV%, RBCs and WBCs counts. A significant reduction in reduced glutathione levels and catalase enzyme activities in liver and kidney homogenates and index weights of these organs in comparison with control group were recorded. These parameters were markedly improved with silymarin treatment compared to vitamin E treatment . In summary, administration of silymarin or vitamin E ameliorated CCl induced oxidative stress in rats, 4 with silymarin as the most efficient antioxidant followed by vitamin E.
doi:10.4172/2574-0407.1000127 fatcat:c7yaqb52t5fvtj7r2gt7j5ph7q