An Investigation into Cascading Failure in Large-Scale Electric Grids: A Load-Redistribution Approach

Guidong Zhang, Samson Yu, Siyuan Zou, Herbert Iu, Tyrone Fernando, Yun Zhang
2018 Applied Sciences  
Featured Application: This paper can be used as a guideline in the stability design of a power system network to study the mechanism of cascading failures in power systems. Abstract: In this study, we propose a load-redistribution-based practical cascading failure model that analyses the dynamic behaviour of a power system upon the occurrence of node failures. The proposed model pays particular attention to the load model and its role in modelling the cascade. Both naturally-induced and
more » ... te man-made node failures are incorporated in the proposed model for three typical network topologies-scale-free, small-world and Erdös-Rényi random networks-to demonstrate the validity of the proposed model and the extent of cascading failure. The load-based cascading failure model is validated using the data obtained from a real-world power grid, and the robustness and vulnerability when subjected to node failures are analysed and presented.
doi:10.3390/app8071033 fatcat:bfm3gczxnnb3fnrd3g7j5iwbta