Modeling and evaluation of nonbackdrivable transmissions for variable stiffness prostheses [thesis]

Timothy Burke
The nonlinear dynamic behavior of nonbackdnvable transmissions, typicalIy associated with low lead angle gear components. has not been established in literature. To study the dynamic behavior of two proposed variable stiffness upper arm prostheses [English, 19961 which require nonbackrivable transmissions, a simple dynamic mode1 of nonintersecting, non-parallel ares gean was developed. The model includes the nonlinear effects of backlash. Hertzian damping and friction and can be used to study
more » ... be used to study both backdrivable and nonbackdrivable gear sets. The development of this model involved investigations of DC dynamo operation and nonbackdrivable characteristics of several oear types. Dynamic simulations of the two proposed variable stiffness upper ann C prostheses were conducted involvint nonbackdnvable components and motors that were selected in this thesis. The results from these simulations using the gear model appeared reasonable and accurate.
doi:10.22215/etd/2000-04503 fatcat:5p7izb3xgnb55fef46jeb3f3la