The Dynamic Composition of Independent Adaptations including Interferences Management

Sana Fathallah, Ben Abdenneji, Stéphane Lavirotte, Jean-Yves Tigli, Gaëtan Rey, Michel Riveill
Nowadays, software systems are becoming ever more complex and are likely to evolve quickly. A challenge is being able to adapt these systems and thus to integrate, swap or remove new functionalities. Compositional adaptation provides a way to tackle this at runtime. This situation, leads to satisfy new requirements in software adaptation. Moreover, adaptations entities may be developed independently and even can be specified by different designers. Accordingly, the set of all adaptations that
more » ... y be deployed cannot be anticipated at design time. In such case, they may interfere when they are composed. In this paper, we propose an associative composition operation to support software adaptation. In our research, we consider that the adaptation of a running system is assimilated to the composition of the model of the initial application (called initial graph) with new model elements (graphs of adaptations).