COMPARATIVE STUDY BETWEEN PROPOFOL AND HALOTHANE Endotracheal Intubation in Children Undergoing Cleft Lip Surgery.A Comparative Study Between Propofol and Halothane

Ali Abdulhammed, M Ali, Faraj Al-Janabe, Raghad Ala'a Al-A'aragy
Endotracheal intubation is the one of important steps during the administration of general anesthesia. It is more so in pediatric patients, especially, if there are associated deformities in and around the airway, like cleft lip and palate. Insufflations of the trachea for the purpose of ether anesthesia was introduced in 1909 in USA and in 1912 in UK (1) . Later, tracheal intubation became a part of the anesthesia practice. It was usually performed under deep inhalation anesthesia with ether.
more » ... thesia with ether. The same technique was continued with halothane and of late sevoflurane is gaining Gazi AL-Hariry for Specialized Surgical Hospital. attention, especially in the pediatric anesthesia practice. Neuromuscular blocking agents which aid tracheal intubation were first introduced into the clinical practice in 1942 in USA (1) .The neuromuscular blocking agents have made technique of endotracheal intubation much easier, but not without the risks of subjecting the patient to potential risks. Until early 1990, suxamethonium was the only drug which was used for facilitating tracheal intubation due to its rapid onset and ultra short duration of action, but it has many potential side effects like myalgia, bradycardia, elevated intraocular and intracranial pressures, hyperkalaemia, prolonged apnoea, masseter spasm and malignant hyperthermia (2,3,4) .