2021 2021 IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC)  
Knowledge on Wheels -Challenges and Opportunities of Vehicular Knowledge Networks More than a decade ago, by enabling the exchange of GPS information, hazardous events, sensor data or even anticipated trajectories, vehicular information networks acted as cornerstone to radical innovations towards safer, smoother and greener roads. Today, key enablers such as hyperconnectivity (5G+), edge computing and edge AI pave the way towards cooperative edge knowledge creation and sharing, thus setting the
more » ... foundation of vehicular knowledge networks. In a similar way that the Internet and more recently social networks transformed information networks, vehicular knowledge networks have the potential to radically transform the vehicular ecosystem by enabling vehicles to a decentralized access to knowledge. Vehicular knowledge networks yet face new challenges, such as ad hoc knowledge naming, identification, authentication, combination or segmentation. This keynote will address these aspects, emphasizing challenges behind vehicles autonomously creating knowledge, locating knowledge or authenticating and tracing knowledge. It will also illustrate the impact of the vehicular knowledge networking with selected use cases and identify standardization gaps.
doi:10.1109/vnc52810.2021.9644665 fatcat:2ed2koedizfntfbog7jraecfsu