Mrs. Frederic Schoff
1911 Religious Education  
In the life of the present generation there are conditions which cause concern among thoughtful men and women. The relentless pursuit of wealth at the sacrifice of honesty, and regard for one's fellow-men, the use of official position for the advancement of special interests rather than the common good, the lowering of the moral tone of society through a double standard of morality, and the breaking up of homes by divorce are so opposed to Divine Laws, that it is time that serious study should
more » ... e given to the causes which have resulted in the present conditions in our country. Home and Church are the Divinely appointed guardians and guides of youth. To them is given the responsibility of character building and spiritual nurture. That they have not met their duty efficiently must be acknowledged. "Why is it, and what is the remedy T The children come into the world innocent and pure, receptive to influences which surround them; endowed by the Creator with infinite possibilities for good, which may be developed or perverted. It rests with home and church to recognize their responsibility to each of His little ones, and to prepare themselves to meet it earnestly and intelligently. Neglect to inculcate in childhood the lessons of the Christ-life, to make them a part of the warp and woof of the character, is to inflict on children an irreparable injury. Religion is nothing unless it relates to life, and life is nothing unless it has for its foundation the acknowledgement of God, and the desire to shape one's life according to His laws. The Church needs to put aside the non-essentials and bend all its efforts to teaching the vital lessons of the Christ-life, relating them to the daily life. The religion of Jesus is simple for He embodied it in a single sentence: "What doth the Lord thy God require of thee but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk numbly with thy God." 86
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