Informaatiotutkimus 26(2)-2007

Marjatta Okko, Kalervo Järvelin, Pertti
Informaatiotutkimus-lehti 25 vuotta: Suomalaisen informaatiotutkimuksen kehityspiirteitä ja menestyksen taustatekijöitä Ilkka Mäkinen: Suomalaisen informaatiotutkimuksen kehityspiirteitä ja me-nestyksen taustatekijöitä [Features in the development of the Finnish research in Information Studies and some factors explaining its success]. Informaatiotutkimus 26(2), p. 34-47. The article describes and analyzes the development of the Finnish research in library and information science (now:
more » ... n Studies) into its present position of high qualitative and quantitative level (in relation to the size of the research community). A number of factors that may explain the success of the Finnish research are presented: 1) the early academic context, i.e., the establishment of the chair in LIS at the University of Tampere in 1971; 2) the new conception of LIS that emerged in Finland in the early 1980s shifting the attention from institutions into users and actions,; 3) internationalization of research including publishing in peer reviewed journals, participating in international conferences, inviting foreign top-researchers into Finland, and organizing international conferences that have become institutionalized (CoLIS and ISIC), and 4) the selection of priority areas for the research effort combined with the concentration of research and doctoral education in research groups. A number of pioneers of the Finnish Information Studies are presented, e.g.,