Interaction of AMP-aminohydrolase with myosin and its subfragments

B Ashby, C Frieden
1977 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
We have shown that purified rabbit skeletal muscle AMP-aminohydrolase binds to rabbit muscle myosin, heavy meromyosin, and Subfragment 2 but does not bind to light meromyosin nor to Subfragment 1. The dissociation constant for binding to myosin was determined to be 0.14 muM. A new sedimentation boundary, presumably reflecting formation of a complex between AMP-aminohydrolase and heavy meromyosin or Subfragment 2, can be observed using the analytical ultracentrifuge. Binding of
more » ... to myosin, heavy meromyosin, or Subfragment 2 is abolished by phosphate (less than 10 mM), an inhibitor of AMP-aminohydrolase. No other rabbit muscle enzyme tested showed any interaction with myosin under the same conditions and there was no indication of complex formation between AMP-aminohydrolase and phosphofructokinase or phosphocreatine kinase in the analytical ultracentrifuge.
pmid:321446 fatcat:xsdnfv25tzgxpdq3p3zyzsrtea