XFinder: Detecting Unknown Anomalies in Distributed Machine Learning Scenario

Haizhou Du, Shiwei Wang, Huan Huo
2021 Frontiers in Computer Science  
In recent years, the emergence of distributed machine learning has enabled deep learning models to ensure data security and privacy while training efficiently. Anomaly detection for network traffic in distributed machine learning scenarios is of great significance for network security. Although deep neural networks have made remarkable achievements in anomaly detection for network traffic, they mainly focus on closed sets, that is, assuming that all anomalies are known. However, in a real
more » ... k environment, unknown abnormalities are fatal risks faced by the system because they have no labels and occur before the known anomalies. In this study, we design and implement XFinder, a dynamic unknown traffic anomaly detection framework in distributed machine learning. XFinder adopts an online mode to detect unknown anomalies in real-time. XFinder detects unknown anomalies by the unknowns detector, transfers the unknown anomalies to the prior knowledge base by the network updater, and adopts the online mode to report new anomalies in real-time. The experimental results show that the average accuracy of the unknown anomaly detection of our model is increased by 27% and the average F1-Score is improved by 20%. Compared with the offline mode, XFinder's detection time is reduced by an average of approximately 33% on three datasets, and can better meet the network requirement.
doi:10.3389/fcomp.2021.710384 fatcat:gd27iynrznc3zohj5ihpyt255q