The Flat Earth satire, using science theatre to debunk absurd theories [post]

George Sand França, Ricardo Cruccioli Ribeiro, Luana Rosa Soares, João de Oliveira Soares, Gabriel Brito de França, Paulo Eduardo Brito
2020 unpublished
Abstract. Science needs everything, and art must feed on it for its actions. With the growing popularity of social media, absurd theories have been gaining consensus without any criticism, and, even worse, they have consolidated. Thus, in order to find solutions for a better understanding of our theories, it was created the project "The Earth is Flat! Now What?", that uses performing art as the main communicator to spread science. The first step was a meeting for promoting integration among
more » ... hysicists, Art-educators, Artists, Astronomers, clowns and all the different expertise participating in the project. The meeting was also the occasion for planning the show. The second step was the dramaturgy along with the creative process, which involved discussions of the scenes and lessons about the theme to be presented. And the third step was the performance. The bibliographical review, which is the same method named the "table's work" for artists, was not based on indexed journals, but rather on social networks and classes for understanding the shape of the Earth. The show impacts the community in a fun way offering the opportunity of a new experience to the population.
doi:10.5194/gc-2020-19 fatcat:sb7rqfy6bzdrncyua4j3wljcqy