Theoretical Study on Employee Engagement in Building Performance Organization

Deden A. Wahab Sya'roni
2018 Proceedings of the International Conference on Business, Economic, Social Science and Humanities (ICOBEST 2018)   unpublished
The purpose of this study was to investigate human-resource assets related to the rapidly changing global environmental conditions in which humans play an important role in an organization. Human resources are believed to be strong contributing capital whose role is expected to give more added value in an effort to get effectiveness and productivity, including the work result and the achievement shown (Performance). The method used in this practical study is descriptive literature on
more » ... nal performance determined by employee engagement with the organization. Results of the studies illustrate that such engagement employee Vigor, Dedication and Absorption drive the success of the performance. Performance, on the one hand, is the work done in accordance with their responsibilities. Performance is also often expressed as a result of someone to do a task period, the standard form of the work, including the terms of the target or the target criteria that have been agreed in advance and have been agreed. Based on descriptive analysis of the Obtained results that match that has employee engagement of human resources will be able to Achieve the performance as expected. Employee based explanatory study regarding engagement in the role of building performance. It is hoped that the organization will see the strategic value of human resources as an intangible asset that is very important to note the organization.
doi:10.2991/icobest-18.2018.34 fatcat:vwslymz3zvhl5ptjgwvsfdzejq