Opieka naprzemienna : ocena projektu ustawy (Druk Sejmu VII kadencji nr 3104) [chapter]
Alternating care : assessment of the bill (Print Sejm seventh term No. 3104)

Piotr Kroczek
2016 Kiedy myślimy rodzina...  
In its ruling on the divorce, the court rules on joint parental author­ity over a minor child of both spouses. Under the current legal regime, it has become a common practice, that the court delegates the exercise of paren­tal authority to one of the parents, lim­iting the parental authority of the sec­ond parent to specific rights and duties in relation to the child. The proposed amendment to the Act of 25th February 1964 – the Family and Guardianship Code (form 3104) was drafted by the
more » ... ation Committee of Family Law that cooperates with the Commissioner for Children's Rights. The new law intro­duces, co called, an "alternate custody". The solution is to limit the transgression of the child's right to be brought up by both parents. The aim of the paper is to evaluate the bill in question.
doi:10.15633/9788374385091.19 fatcat:wbkt2e3f6fdkfk3rc5nklbvekm