Creating the Dutch National BIM Levels of Development

L. A. H. M. van Berlo, F. Bomhof
2014 Computing in Civil and Building Engineering (2014)   unpublished
This is an extended version of the original paper. This version elaborates more about the comparison between international LOD concepts and has more and larger pictures. ABSTRACT This paper describes the research and development of the Dutch national standard for information levels of BIM. The US developed "Levels of Development" LOD have become increasingly popular in the Netherlands. However, more and more projects felt the need to develop an additional LOD250 and LDO350. It became clear that
more » ... the Dutch design-and engineering process needed different information levels to operate effectively. During an R&D project that involved 9 Dutch SME companies research was done focused on the levels needed in the Dutch AEC industry. During this project the team also looked at several other information levels like the Danish, and developments in the UK. The project team came up with 7 information levels. A matrix was developed on which construction objects where linked to the 7 levels. Several companies in different BIM projects tested this matrix in practice. Results from this test were concluded in a guideline for effective use of the information levels and the matrix. This paper will describe the test results and the resulting recommendations for practical use of the standard in the Netherlands. Furthermore an experiment was conducted to automatically identify the detail of the geometry of an IFC model. This was done by analyzing several characteristics like number of objects per m3, number of geometrical triangles per object, etc. The results of this geometrical test are also added in the paper.
doi:10.1061/9780784413616.017 fatcat:ycphsnb4ffamti5tiw5ofudmxe