The research of LWD acoustic isolator based on SAW spatial separation

Peinian Yang, Dehua Chen, Wang Xiuming, V. Goussev, J. Yin
2019 MATEC Web of Conferences  
Acoustic logging while drilling (LWD) can extract P-wave and S-wave information from the formation. However, the transmission of the collar wave propagated directly from the emitter to the receiver may interfere with the P-wave and S-wave and affect the extraction of formation information. Therefore, it is necessary to design a suitable acoustic isolator between the transmitter and the receiver to attenuate the drill waves. The commonly used acoustic LWD isolator is that the outer surface of
more » ... drill collar is evenly grooved to attenuate the collar wave. However, there are still disadvantages such as the lack of mechanical strength of the evenly grooved acoustic insulators and the ability to extract clean longitudinal wave under certain circumstances. Therefore, there is an urgent requirement to design a new type of acoustic LWD isolator with sufficient strength and acoustic insulation requirements. In recent years, spoof surface acoustic waves (SSAWs) generated by periodic corrugated surface rigid plates have attracted the attention of many researchers, who can spatially separate the surface waves to attenuate acoustic waves. In this paper, a new type of acoustic LWD insulator based on SAW space separation structure is proposed. The finite element software ANSYS is used for acoustic analysis.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/201928302004 fatcat:4wr5b2y2jfb4bdi6yrqwj4xjay